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Polyurethane Innovation is our Business

TPI offers a wide range of services to support innovations in polyurethanes:

  • Polyurethane Formulation and Application
  • Raw Material Development and Evaluation
  • Technical Marketing Support
  • Training and Development of Professional
  • Testing Services
  • Commercial Development and Intellectual Property Support

Testing Services

TPI testing capabilities range from basic testing and reporting to detailed analysis and interpretation of results.


  1. Instron Physical Testing (with heat chamber)
    • Tensile Properties
    • Compression Properties
    • Flexural Properties
    • Hysteresis
    • Tear Strength
    • Peel Resistance
    • Lap Shear Strength
    • Shear Strength
  2. Compression Set
  3. Resilience - Bashore and Ball Rebound
  4. Abrasion (Taber Abrader)
  5. Tumbling Friability
  6. Hardness (Shore A, Shore D)
  7. Pencil Hardness
  8. Impact Resistance of Coatings
  9. Open Cell Content in Foams (Pycnometer)
  10. Viscosity (Brookfield Viscometer and Rheometer)


  1. Retention of Stress-Strain Properties with Temperature (Instron with heat chamber)
  2. Melt Transition Temperature (DSC)
  3. Glass Transition Temperature (DSC)
  4. Storage and Relaxation Modulus (DMA)
  5. Flammability


  1. Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR)
  2. Hydroxyl Value of Polyols
  3. Acid Value of Polyols
  4. NCO% of Isocyanates and Pre-Polymers
  5. Water Content (Karl Fischer Titration)
  6. Molecular Weight Distribution (GPC)
  7. Number Average Molecular weight (Mn) via VPO
  8. HPLC Analyses